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It doesn't matter if you are a professional or a business, we will help build your image of competence, trustworthiness and leadership with our expert communication strategies. 

Nabyula is derived from the word nebula—a giant cloud of dust in outer space. Over time the dust gets pulled together by gravity and condensed into a star. 

That's exactly what we do. We bring together all the powerful but scattered qualities already present in our clients in the best way to make stars out of them. 

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You are looking for programmes that will nurture confidence and executive presence among your high-potentials, new managers and leaders. 

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 Business / Startup

You are looking to scale your business with masterful marketing communication plans to grow your presence and become the trusted go-to brand in your niche.

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Subject matter expert

You are a consultant, therapist, speaker, etc., who wants to be positioned as the authority in your niche. You want to be featured in the media, publish a book and have marketing communication systems that scale your business on auto-pilot.

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We Help You Develop Executive Presence Among Your High-Potentials & Leaders

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Out of 400 C-suite leaders surveyed, 76% believed that having executive presence will make a positive impact on career advancement. 

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28% of senior executives say your quality of communication is an indication of your leadership material

What is Executive Presence?

Executive Presence is an individual's perceived ability to influence beyond his/her formal authority. 

This also means that executive presence need not be confined to the top-level leaders of an organisation. An executive at any level can develop their presence as they journey towards the top of their careers. 

Individuals with presence can inspire confidence in others, be it superiors, peers or subordinate. They are perceived as reliable and trustworthy. 

Superiors can see their potential to take on bigger responsibilities; peers find them reliable, and subordinates want to follow their lead.

How do you develop Executive Presence?

Half of the characteristics that make up Executive Presence requires practise and needs to be developed over time. The good news is, the other half can be acquired very quickly and does not need any special skills. 

Our Executive Presence programme covers four critical aspects—Communication, Connection, Composure and Culture.

Culture makes a difference to Presence

Many Executive Presence training adopts a Western model that may not work in an Asian context. We consider Asian values and contextualise the strategies to make it comfortable and natural for Asian professionals to project their brilliance.

Our programmes instil rich interpersonal skills in your high-potentials and leaders.  They will be able to quickly gain trust and command the respect of their team, clients and other stakeholders.

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Businesses / Startups

We Help Your Business Scale at the Speed of Trust

All businesses, regardless of its size, wants three things—increase its revenue, reduce operation costs and increase its brand value. 

Most business owners focus on the first two, forgetting that building brand value will positively impact revenue for the long term.

What is brand value?

Your brand is not your logo. It is the sum total of perception that all your stakeholders have of your business.

The business with high brand value has an exceptional reputation among its clients and target audience. This doesn't happen by chance. It needs to be nurtured. 

You need to strategically make your customers like your brand enough to stay loyal, make repeat purchases and recommend your brand to their circle of contacts. 

How to improve the brand value of your company?

All businesses are a people-to-people business. Your clients always choose to do business with people they know, like and trust. Your company itself is a secondary consideration. 

Trust is an essential business currency, often overlooked. 

A well-thought-out, practical communication strategy at every stage of the know-like-trust process can nurture repeat business with your current client. At the same time, you can convert prospects into customers faster. 

Our marketing communication programmes will help you gain greater trust, credibility and loyalty within your target market. This, in turn, will speed up your revenue. 

We Make Your Brand Communication Clear & Compelling to Attract More Clients

When your business has a crystal clear brand message, it will sound congruent and confident to your target audiences. That alone is the beginning of building a powerful brand presence and growing your influence within your niche. 



We help your business become more visible through branded content development and media coverage.



We uncover hidden stories in your business to make your brand likeable.



Our communication programmes are aimed to build trust in your services. 



We create reasons for your customers to promote your brands to their contacts. Build your business through referrals.


When is the right time for your business to work with Nabyula?

When you find it difficult to explain your value propositions to your prospective clients.

When you find your services are "all over the place" and you can't seem to find a unified message that works across your various target audiences. 

When you try to write marketing communication materials and always comes off as too technical that you fear your prospective clients will have a hard time understanding it.

When your marketing agency find it difficult to understand what you want despite your best efforts in explaining your services.

When you want an automated communications with your clients that creates a top-of-mind awareness. 

When you want to increase your visibility and get media coverage.

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Subject Matter Experts

We Help You Build Authority in Your Niche That Drives Your Business Goals

You may be a consultant, therapist, trainer, coach, designer or more. 

If you do business based on your expertise and get paid for your insights, then you are rightfully a Subject Matter Expert.

It's time for you to be recognised for your expertise, become highly visible and be the go-to person in your niche. 

Authority doesn't just happen overnight. 

Our programme offers a systematic process that brings you from where you are to becoming a recognised thought leader in your niche. 


When is the right time for Subject Matter Experts to work with Nabyula?

When you find your services are "all over the place" and you can't seem to find a unified message that resonates across your various target audiences. 

When you want to be positioned as an authority, but you are unsure what steps to take to make that happen. 

When you want an automated communications system that keeps you top-of-mind with your target audiences.​

When you want to get media interviews and publish opinion articles.

When you need guidance and coaching in writing your first book to showcase your expertise.

When your current clients value you highly, and you realise it is time for you to amplify your presence.

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We have published three books to support our clients' journey.

The Publicity Playbook for Subject Matter Experts

Speak Smart, Make Your Mark

The One Thing Journal



A sample of MNC and SME clients we have worked with since 2005

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