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About Us

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or a business, we will help build your image of competence, trustworthiness and leadership with our expert brand communication strategies.

Nabyula is derived from the word nebula, a giant cloud of dust in outer space. Over time the dust gets pulled together by gravity and condensed into a star.

That's exactly what we do.

We bring together all the powerful but scattered qualities already present in our clients in the best way to make stars out of them.

We are based in Singapore but we have been working with clients globally via remote platforms.


Nabyula was founded in 2005 as KinetiqBuzz, a PR agency. We evolved from doing public relations work to developing branded content, copywriting, corporate training and a lot more.

For a long time, we noticed a common gap in all our clients regardless of their industry—a strategy in brand communication. They had beautiful corporate identities, yet they could not develop a unique voice and positioning in their niche.

We have always wanted our clients to get the best out of their PR and marketing efforts, so we found ourselves consistently offering strategic advice.

In 2020, we pivoted into a consultancy as Nabyula while maintaining our KinetiqBuzz brand to support the implementation of our strategy.

Our Team of Specialists

Each of us bring our specialisations in Branding, Public Relations, Content, Copywriting, Design and Keynote Speaking to form a smart team. We have more than 100 years of combined experience working with SMEs to MNCs from a wide range of industries. We bring a specialist approach to delivering exactly what you need.


Dean Shams

Communication Strategist


Dr Tul Suksawat

Branding Consultant


Melverick Ng

Digital Automation Strategist


Kristel Dacumos-Lagorza

Executive Editor


Kim Leong

PR Consultant


Joey Tan

Senior Graphic Designer

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