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Real and actionable strategy is best developed when there is clarity.

We have developed frameworks that have consistently helped our clients gain clarity and perspective around brand positioning and influence.


Authority Marketing

Ideal for:

B2B & Service Based Businesses


Our Authority Marketing offers you a simple and straightforward approach to building your B2B and service based business into a trusted brand.

• Build top-of-mind brand awareness

• Become a trusted brand

• Sell without being pushy

Scale your business at the speed of trust and establish authority in your niche.

Want a copy of our Authority Marketing framework?


Ideal for:

Subject Matter Experts

211109Visible Expert Pathway Infographic.jpg

Our Visible Expert Pathway is for subject matter experts who are looking to find a strong positioning and unique voice in your niche. It takes the confusion out of your journey towards becoming the go-to person in your niche.

It is designed based on our 15-year experience working with specialists like yourself.

The Pathway offers a systematic approach to you becoming a recognised thought leader in

your niche without the overwhelm.

Each milestone has been mapped out into a manageable process on a clear timeline.

Start where you are. We will support you towards where you want to be.

Want a copy of our Pathway?


Ideal for:

Business owners who want guidance on brand communication on an ad hoc basis.

We have supported many businesses who understand the importance of brand communication and at the same time may not have the time or budget to commit to a full programme.

We encourage you to book a short discovery chat with us to understand your gaps from a brand

communication perspective.

Sometimes, it is easier to talk first.


Thinking about Brand Communications can be a little confusing.

Why not chat with us first to see if what we offer is a good fit for you.

Let's have a 20-min Discovery Chat on Zoom

Looking for a specific & straightforward service?

Hey, we get it. Not everybody needs a strategic approach. 

If you are looking to engage just Copywriting, Content Development, PR or Design services, head over to our subsidiary company, KinetiqBuzz.

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