Consulting & PR

Position yourself as the industry go-to person

You have deep insights on your area of specialisation. Yet you need to find a way to be highly sought after in your industry.


You cannot become a thought leader if you don’t know what is your Primary  Message.


You may already have taglines and niche topics, but they are not the same. They may be interesting, but they may not be newsworthy.


We will do thorough research and engage with you in a coaching process to help you define a compelling PR message that resonates with your domain expertise.


We will then amplify your branding through media interviews and opinion articles.

Change careers with confidence.

You have come this far in your current industry. 

Maybe now is the time to make a bold leap into something new. 

Don't let doubt and confusion stop you from making what you feel is the right move.

Dean will coach you and help you identify your differentiating strengths, transferable skills and a strategy to move ahead. 

He has helped more than 300 executives of various levels find clarity on their next step forward. 

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