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The Publicity Playbook for Subject Matter Experts

by Dean Shams

This is a 2-chapter extract from Dean's latest book


Speak Smart, Make Your Mark

by Dean Shams

This is a 2-chapter extract of Dean's book. 


Motivating your Mind, Inspiring Your Spirit 2019, 2018, 2020

An annual compilation of insights and case studies from more than 90 international contributors who are industry/topic experts. 


These e-books are free and you are welcomed to share it with your colleagues, business contacts and friends. 


2020 Emerging Jobs Report Singapore

by LinkedIn

In this 26-page report, LinkedIn presents emerging jobs that have been experiencing strong growth over the last 5 years in Singapore. This will be useful for career shifters. 

(All copyrights to the reports belong to LinkedIn)


by Amazing Marvin

Procrastination_Guide_Amazing_Marvin COV

How to Beat Procrastination

A snappy and robust guide on how to beat procrastination and get the job done now. 

(All copyrights to the guide belong to Amazing Marvin)

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