Influential Writing Course

How to write an opinion article/blog in 30 min or less.

even if your English is not that great.

This course is perfect for you,
if you are

  1. a subject matter expert who wants to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

  2. an aspiring writer who wants to produce high quality articles faster.

  3. a marketer/sales professional who wants to add article writing to your skill set.

And you are struggling with any of these problems:


What you will learn:

  1. You find it difficult to put your thoughts on paper and make it flow.

  2. The articles you wrote do not do justice to your expertise.

  3. Your articles are too meandering, but you don't know how to improve it.

  4. You keep telling yourself that you can speak better than you write.

  5. You worry that poorly written blog will affect your credibility.

In this immersive hands-on live Zoom session, you will learn:

  1. the process and structure of how to write fast

  2. get over all the common mistakes that non-writers don't even realise they are making

  3. how to plan your articles fast yet comprehensively using a proven system

  4. how to edit to make your article clear and concise

  5. what makes an article a compelling read

You don't have to have good English to gain full benefit from this course.


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About Dean

About Dean

DEAN SHAMS is the founder and communication strategist of Nabyula Consulting & Training. He helps leaders and professionals build a strong executive presence, connect with others better and become corporate influencers.

Drawing on his 15 years of experience as a communication strategist, Dean understands the real issues that are preventing professionals from communicating their leadership and expertise.

He frequently uses principles of neuroscience, applied behavioural psychology and NLP language patterns in helping them communicate and present themselves with influence and impact.

Dean has consulted for organisations from a wide range of industries that include fintech, professional services, construction, public sector and Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. banner 2.png

How the course is run:

This programme is run live on Zoom platform. So you can join in from anywhere in the world. 


There will be a total of 4 session, 7 hours.


All session will be recorded. If you miss any session, you can watch the replays. 


1: Finding the writer's flow within you. (3 hrs)

  • Become aware of the misconceptions that is stopping you from writing a great article.

  • Remove that writer's block forever and find your writer's flow.

  • Structure an article effortlessly using my Grid Article Planner

  • Step up your article and make it journalistic quality in 3 simple steps.

2: Adding the power of conciseness into your article (1.5 hrs)

  • Edit your articles in 8 different ways to make it a quick yet insightful read.

3: Transforming your article into a compelling read (1.5 hrs)

  • Implement 5 different strategies to engage your readers and make your article a compelling read.

4: Group coaching & live editing (1 hr)

  • A session to answer all your concerns and challenges after writing your articles with the new-found power.

  • Observe how an article is edited to a polished state.

All the Templates & Cheat Sheets You Will Ever Need

You will be given all templates and cheat sheets that will make article writing effortless, for good!


Upcoming Course Dates for 5th Run

Total of 4 Sessions per course
Session 1: 6 Sep 2022: 4-7 pm SGT
Session 2: 13 Sep 2022: 4-5.30 pm SGT
Session 3: 20 Sep 2022: 4-5.30 pm SGT
Session 4: 4 Oct 2022: 4-5 pm SGT

All session will be recorded. If you miss any session, you can watch the replays. 

Your Investment

S$297 per person

Less than the cost of engaging a professional writer for one article

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee!

This programme is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your writing skills. If by the end of the first session you have not found value, just ask for a full refund.

No hard feelings.


Attend Future Runs for Free.

You will be invited to future runs of the course where you can refresh your skills. 

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