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for subject matter experts

If you are in the business of offering professional services, you know that the more you build your visibility and credibility, the more business you get.


Getting featured in the media is one of the best ways to do that.


Stop thinking that you are not good enough yet.


This book will show you how to do it from beginning to end.


In his new book, The Publicity Playbook for Subject Matter Experts, Dean Shams educates you on how to play the PR game, introduces the rules and what it takes to win the game.

This book dispels a few myths holding people back from becoming their own PR advocate and dives into the ‘essence of PR’. He shares all the aspects of what it takes to create a newsworthy and captivating piece that will gain the attention of the media, including what to do after you receive coverage.

Packed full of actionable advice! Grab yourself a copy of this playbook and create a buzz about your brand or service.

Pamela Wigglesworth | CEO |  Experiential Hands-on Learning.


Dean's work is an absolute piece of art!

It's not only captivating, but it also has so much personality! This book is something you wouldn't want to put down.
He captures the essence of PR in a very simple-to-understand manner. The best part of it is that he demystifies the entire process! What we thought we knew about PR may not actually be true.
The paragraphs in this book are not clunky. They're well-spaced, and Dean describes the concepts simply, without using any corporate babble or technical jargon, which can quickly put many readers off.
I'd dare say that this is THE ONLY PUBLICITY PLAYBOOK YOU'LL NEED to truly understand how to raise your influence and authority through PR as a subject matter expert.
Don't overthink it. Get this book now! It'll save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Val Senan  |  Co founder  |  Urcliq Marketing Collective

I believe this is the Playbook of The Year. Why? Simple. Dean has done a superb job of defining PR concepts in a way relevant to all subject matter experts.  The way Dean unravelled misconceptions which experts tend to have on media appearances were priceless.

The strategies that he has shared in this book were comprehensive, clear, and incredibly practical. He made them sound like common sense, or everyday knowledge. The content and the way he gets his readers to continue to the end is really captivating. 

In my opinion, this is an essential book about building visibility that you will want to refer to time and time again as a refresher. It’s definitely a must for every subject matter expert’s bookshelf.

Rayson Choo  |  Host of The Raygacy Show

What really got me hooked on this book is that it is so easy to read and understand. Dean Shams wrote in simple language and yet was able to bring out the most critical points with clarity. 
He lays out each step of the publicity process and makes his points with meaningful examples. I especially like how he points out that we should not go into PR with a sales narrative. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering doing their own publicity campaign. It was worth every dime and time spent reading this book. Kudos to Dean for bringing clarity and simplicity to the complex process of PR. 

Bavani Periasamy |  Speaker, Coach & Gratitude Advocate

President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speaker

The Publicity Playbook is an eye-opener for me to the world of PR. Through this book, Dean Shams offers readers great insight into strategies to enhance their public visibility through media coverage. He takes the reader through each crucial element of PR, from the need analysis to the post media coverage phase in a concise and straightforward flow. It is a book that I really enjoyed reading and will recommend to all professionals and subject matter experts. 

Sivanesan Seenivasan FCMI  |  Managing Director  |  Sharmee Human Solutions Sdn. Bhd. 

I love the fact that this book is written in easy-to-understand language and infused with real-life anecdotes. Dean has crystallised nuggets of useful pointers that clarifies the contemporary publicity process. Great tips for any subject matter expert who wants to increase their visibility. 

Suresh Punjabi  |  Director Executive & Professional Development  |  NUS SCALE

In this book, Dean is straightforward and speaks with clarity and confidence. The numerous tips he offers makes a difficult problem seem easy. This book provides so much clarity to me on why every subject matter expert needs to incorporate PR into our business and how vital it is to do it the right way. 

Felicia Tan  |  Design Strategist  |  Design Workz

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